Ron Gallo signs to legendary label, Kill Rock Stars, releases a sonic assault on male superiority complex. STREAM.

Everywhere you look these days it seems that entitled men and their all consuming mindset is slowly causing the death of humanity. It comes out through creepy interactions with women in public places, it comes out in political decisions to control women’s bodies or it comes out of giant exhaust pipes from big stupid trucks burning holes in the sky. The point is – male superiority complex has dominated humanity since it’s inception and with the direction things are going – it’s never been more clear that it truly has never and will never work. It’s getting to a point of evolve or die. The urgency of this issue is reflected in the urgent sound of this recording which aims to get inside the psyche of why certain men think this way while offering a chorus that the marginalized can sing as they spit in the faces of terrible boys in mens bodies making stupid neanderthal decisions daily.

Some words from Ron himself:


Exclusive to the REALLY NICE SHOP : we pair this track with the new “ENTITLED” TEE – a great gift for someone you dislike and needs a proverbial slap.

Times have never been more challenging for musicians. Now is always the time to support, share, buy, spread the word to anyone and everyone that will listen. It goes a long way, it keeps the whole thing going.

Upcoming Ron Gallo shows:
9/22 : Brooklyn, NY @ The Sultan Room Rooftop
10/12 : Philly Music Fest w/ Mannequin Pussy, EMPATH, Shamir, Mt. Joy and more.



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