Put this down and go look out the nearest window, 99% sure you’ll find everything is ok.
Look at the walls in whatever room you are in.  Same. Unless you are mid-earthquake or tornado, everything is still as it always is. 
It’s weird how normal chaos is at this point. It’s also weird that all problems on earth are manufactured and destroyed in the human brain. If you think the last year has been difficult, it has been, but why?  Because we’ve been forced to slow down enough to look at ourselves.  And turns out – most of how we think and go about things does not work, it is not in tune with our nature. We now know we’re not and never were in control. Everything is coming to the light, especially the ugly, because everything is great when you don’t think about it.  This is what growing feels like. The good news is we’re all growing together.  Save yourself the trouble, you can’t go out and change all the minds and fix everything, and you shouldn’t. I always liked to think I could.  But, we are our own job.  If internally we become what we want to see, everything around us starts to reflect that.  It’s not complacent or ignorant or avoidant to take this path and not get swooped up in the chaos and the noise, the news cycle and the social media. How is it really serving you? Is it not just a lie to yourself that deep down you feel like you are contributing by being apart of it? Is that true if you don’t change?  Does it matter if you are not happy or peaceful? Look how powerful the brain is – one guy can convince himself and a bunch of other people of a completely false reality to the point where they will actually act upon it as if it is real.  We all do this in our own way, everyday.  Some of it is just more extreme and on a bigger scale.  But ultimately we are creating all of it.  It does sound like bullshit upon first thought because the brain rejects breaking it’s own 4th wall like this but once we start to accept it we start to realize we are in control, of not just one thing but a lot of really important things – how we treat ourself, how we treat others, what we eat, drink, listen to, believe in, how we react, how we let things affect us.  This is not meaningless shit, this is everything and we all have total control over it and no one else can take it from us. None of us can change the interior of others but we can change how we let that become apart of our interior.  I just think it’s good to remind ourselves of this every once in a while because no matter what situation you’re in (and yes some situations are better than others) you can always go back to what you have that no one can take away. Anyway, yeah go look out that window.  Feel yourself in your body.

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