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i feel like i hit a wall with social media a couple weeks ago. where i remembered i feel most creative and myself when i combat the ridiculous shit that is considered “normal” and the mindless consumption that i, and probably all of us, are guilty of at this point. the countless hours of precious waking life we waste scrolling through things we don’t even care about. how often do we find something online that justifies our usage? close to never. for every 900 hours of scroll we maybe find one thing that moves us or causes laughter for 10-15 seconds. when i put it back into perspective, the ugly, it’s when i know i am being real with myself, when i am not content with the situation. there’s two ways to look at that – the ultimate bliss is finding contentment amidst all the chaos and noise, in any situation, to lead a life of zero resistance, presence and the other side is we must combat all the things getting in our way of getting there first. i feel like i’ve been both at different points. then i had a friend text me and say “stop what you are doing and watch the social dilemma” right now. i didn’t right away. not because i didn’t have time because i had all the time but i eventually got to it a few days later. maybe i was busy mentally overwhelming myself with absolute noise pollution, daily phone bullshit where you feel like you worked an 8 hour shift in a coal mine, mentally. maybe my deep subconscious feared that the films information would lift the veil and i’d never return to my ways again. i don’t know, the relationship has always been love and hate. i like it as a joke creative outlet, and to promote music shit. other than that it’s absolute poison and i didn’t even know half of it. so watch the film. question your habits. and you can buy reminders you can WEAR now in the REALLY NICE shop.

i feel i’ve been a bit absent on here. i had a lot of drive towards building this world and i still do, but i get consumed by other stuff and other things suffer. i am trying to sort my mind and life out right now. it’s been crippling not being able to tour. i’m lost! i’m sure we all are. i don’t know why but trying to accomplish anything these days feels futile yet completely necessary. hows that for a situation? when we can return to the live music experience, i swear i will give 110% full psycho. or maybe by then i’ll be a full blown sloth.

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