really nice music : “YOU ARE ENOUGH” by RON GALLO

hi, it’s me. i am back. “YOU ARE ENOUGH” is out today, 6/10, on all streaming services. it is a song for anyone feeling beat down and inferior. i want to especially dedicate it to those that are made to feel this way by an entire fucked up system. maybe you wanna get ready in the morning to this song and then go dismantle shit (safely) or at least just kick back and enjoy being you. we live in strange, ugly times but i know it is leading somewhere better than ever before and i want to help build up whoever needs to remember their power right now. please share and support this music if you like it.

insider news for the friends of REALLY NICE™️ : there is gonna be a new song and video every few weeks. this is the beginning and i am very excited to build up a whole new world within the world within the world.

i am also going to launch a social media campaign to help lift spirits in the next couple of days so please stay tuned instagram @rongallo

you can read an article on XPN.

black lives matter
and there is only one side to what is happening: the one for equality, life, peace
if you are on another side – we are not living in the same universe and you need to work on that
it is not political
this is human stuff
work through your shit
and lets work on it together

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