really nice finds : playstation classic

how is everyone doing? i am ok. it changes every day, every hour. i go between melancholy, to hyperactive psycho dance mode, to frustration, to nostalgia, to peaceful, to frantic, to tired, to inspired, to anxious and back. i have been constantly searching for things, rituals, etc. that can help occupy the mind and pass the time when the looming worries take hold. i’ve been heavy on the nostalgia lately and one day i fantasized about having an original playstation 1 somehow modified to have all games built in. turns out this exists. it’s called “playstation classic”, its a mini modern version and it costs $35 online and then you can buy USB game packs from a company called “True Blue” – they range from $20-$40 and come with 100 games on each. they list the games included on each pack on their site. the two i got were the “crackhead” and “overdose” pack – stupid names but also in retrospect they make sense because we played crash bandicoot 1 for 5 hours last night. that game borders on too difficult. but it is reviving a sense of determination. something to work towards. i know cash might be tight for a lot of people right now – but with unemployment + stimulus checks (hopefully) available to you i think its worth investing a little in your sanity by becoming a kid again and getting lost in some crisp VG’S.

playstation classic : $35 (ebay)
trueblue game packs : $20-$40 (ebay)

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