really nice finds : hammock

look, i know now is not the time to be going wild with the non-essential spending but at same time with your recent commitment to the indoors, sacrifice of any paradise plans you may have had and most likely a crisp little check from the coming soon i think you could treat yourself to something comfortable that will make you feel like you are somewhere else – a hammock. pretty sure i woke up in the middle of the night and did my stupid scrolling thing and ended up buying this half asleep. i’ve spent a lot of time in it, it was featured significantly in the “learning 2 chill” video and i feel like it is benefitting my well-being. box magically appeared on the doorstep. it was super easy to put together. comes in this sick striped pattern. great colors and many to choose from (if you want go beige or something for the conservative hammocker) right now its in the living room, but it is also made for the outdoors so you could mix it up and keep relocating it so you can hammock anywhere on your premises. great bed replacement, fits up to two, great for the back, swing around, pretend to be a banana, put on ocean sound simulator and whatever, enjoy.

$89.97 on Amazon

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