existential weather report: quarantine edition

4/16 : if i nap i can have that first cup of coffee twice in one day

4/15 : i’ll know things are back to normal when i complain about stuff i miss right now

4/14 : did no one tell the ants in my kitchen about social distancing

4/13 : imagine just chilling with the ceiling light on no problem

4/12 : is he called Kilometers Davis everywhere else in the world

4/11 : wait, are coconuts nuts

4/10 : why don’t they just print more money

4/9 : used to get hummus every night in the green room. now i just make hummus.

4/8 : are celebrities suffering more now because they are also withdrawing on limelight

3/27 : still can’t go anywhere but at least i still have this rollercoaster of emotion

3/26 : the sun is out today!!!!!! i am moving all the house furniture into the backyard, i will order a $25 dollar pool on amazon and a hammock and a small grill and we will never leave we have all we need right here

3/25 : why are all the people in the TV shows and movies I am watching just out and about and near each other acting like everything is normal?

3/24 : nice to e-meet you

3/23 : been using “real life” as an adjective a lot lately

3/22 : wrell ican jrust mrake my own preanut buttert cupss withr peanjt butter and cochorate chiops

3/21 : whoa, did i already have the virus and not know?

3/20 : wow, i have taken everything for granted forever

3/19 : is this mother natures way of healing herself????

3/14 – 3/17 : if i meticulously clean every inch of the house and occupy my mind with one million menial tasks then technically nothing is happening

3/13 : if the show got cancelled let’s just play one for the whole world on the internet


1/25/20 – 2/12/20 : i’ve been really busy and committing to this daily was a task i could not keep up but it has been raining a lot lately where i am.

1/24/20 : why do i ever give a fuck what anyone else thinks of me ever?

1/23/20 : why do we all have printers and none of them are functional?

1/21/20 : ever wake up mad at someone cus of what they did in a dream? ever pee your pants cus you were peeing in a dream?

1/20/20 : what about not living there makes me love philadelphia again?

1/19/20 : 1 + 19 = 20 make a wish

1/18/20 : (day of rest)

1/17/20 : had to go away just to come back and see how this really effects me

1/16/20 : best part of flying is the free second chance at life you get every time the plane lands

1/7/20 – 1/15/20 : (transition)

1/6/20 : things always seem harder when you think about how they are gonna be rather than how they end up actually being.

1/5/20 : if there’s soap there’s no paper towels, if there’s paper towels there’s no soap, if there’s soap and paper towels the sink won’t work.

1/4/2020 : all of this is only in our heads

1/3/20 : is the feeling after throwing up the best or just follows the worst feeling ?

1/2/20 : (day of rest) (i’m sick)

1/1/20 : happy 2020 enjoy your perfect vision

existential weather report : december 2019

12/27/19 : my favorite city is wherever the sun is out

12/26/19 : when you think about where you are does it feel like you’re not there?

12/25/19 : jesus was not a white guy with blonde hair and even though his teachings have been watered down and misinterpreted he was maybe coolest dood ever

12/24/19 : (day of rest)

12/22/19 : yo how are there enough apples to stock every grocery store in the world that’s gotta be like 100 billion apples worldwide

12/21/19 : ya know what’s funny? that i’m only ever afraid of things that haven’t happened yet

12/16/19 – 12/20/19 : i forgot to do this for the last 5 days and it reminds me of something a friend of mine said yesterday “it’s kind of beautiful and rewarding to see the world don’t give a shit about you and keeps moving whether you are on the train of life or not”

12/15/19 : (day of rest)

12/14/19 : if i was way smaller that bathroom tile might be my favorite city who knows

12/13/19 : if the automatic sink/hand dryer does not recognize me am i dead?

12/12/19 : why do i get suspicious about happiness?

12/11/19 : what is healthier – being stressed at whole foods or relaxed at mcdonalds ?

12/10/19 : are bassett hound melting?

12/9/19 : when is the best time to post this? when i feel it or when people are there to see it?

12/8/19 : (day of rest, also happy birthday mom)

12/7/19 : i know i’m supposed to but what if me not cleaning up my dishes at this cafe is actually helpful to the staff because they are bored and having tasks makes the time go quicker?

12/6/19 : if i repeat “what will my next thought be?” in my head does it go quiet?

12/5/19 : do people that own laundromats have a washer/dryer at home or do they also go to their laundromat?

12/4/19 : if there is no divine presence than how is pineapple so good?

12/3/19 : why is where i am the hardest place to be ?

12/2/19 : how do i accept the love and goodness in my life?

discuss these weathers in the comments if u want

3 responses to “existential weather report: quarantine edition”

  1. i wake up to an unopen geometry book every day and a pink living wall. how do i get out

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  2. Today, I was standing at the corner, and I was thinking how we don’t live in a wonderland. It’s more like a colloidal state where thoughts are inchoate and suspended. And I started fixating on all of the people to whom I feel accountable. And then I got to work and I forgot all about it.

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    1. had to look up a couple words in there but that was very nice, bless u


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