mother nature & other good news (updated 3/17)

the solo cherry tree in the backyard that i look at every morning through the window has been perfectly still through all this chaos. unphased, pink flowers blooming right on schedule, and all the other trees, birds, squirrels are calm too. going about their daily business. with zero concern about when this will end or really anything outside that is happening…because they live in the moment, and i live in my head, and i think i’m finally ready to learn from them.

ok, now my theory on all of this: (starts below these two images that you should read first)

mother nature is a supreme genius and this is not happening TO us, it is happening FOR us. it is not a mystery that us humans have been savagely destroying the earth and all it’s beauty forever now, for what? we have ignored the warnings and we have been afraid to change because we know how drastic the change would have to be. well – if we won’t listen then she will force us to and that will never change until we do. as much as i don’t like to say it – we may getting the great humbling, the great reminder right now. regardless of social status, we all stand zero chance against mother nature and this could very well be her way of helping us collectively evolve and return closer to the natural order in which the sun will come out again.

that’s where i’m at with this. these are growing pains. and if we all slow and pay attention we can come out of this better than ever before…but just like us – her body can’t carry on until she fixes the problem.


in other good news:

– if you are reading this, you are still alive.

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