Really Nice Playlist Vol 4: March 2020

i was absent on here a lot in february, a lot going on (not really, but maybe too mentally preoccupied to focus on this) but it is march now and that means blooming and i feel ready again. let this playlist usher in my favorite time of year, rebirth, the beginning of warm, sun, springtime.

chickpee – “i’d rather” : wifeys new song that came out a couple days ago. bias aside i love this song, it is pure joy and catchy as fock and i am happy i got to play guitar on it and i am proud of her for continuing to share her heart and voice and melody and love with the world.

king krule – “alone, omen3”

kamasi washington – “truth” : kamasi played here last month and it sold out but went anyway but the jazz gods blessed us not just with a ticket but one of them was free, then ran into someone who saw a show of ours in TX and let us sit with them at their table. then this show absolutely blew my mind. most inspiring thing i’ve seen in a long time and has me rethinking what i am really seeking in the world of music. the lesson here is just go for it.

digable planets – “where i’m from”

the marías – “ruthless” : obsessed with this jam and production

the strokes – “bad decisions” : i’m surprised how much i consistently just like this band.

serpentwithfeet – “receipts (feat. ty dolla $sign) : newish song from a former bandmate many lifetimes ago ☀️

car seat headrest – “can’t cool me down” : playing a few shows with this band in chicago in may so i checked out the latest album. groove.

wynonie harris – “keep on churnin’ (till the butter comes) : heard this on radio other day. prob most overtly sexual song ever and also the line “keep on pumpin make the butter flow” wtf

jeff buckley – “everybody here wants you” : ridiculous as always

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