zen den : “masaru emoto’s water experiments”

warning: this section of the site is not for preaching “far out hippie dippie shit“ that we are supposed to laugh at and write off immediately. it’s about real talk and opening up to the fact that there’s a lot more to life than is on the surface and it’s nothing to be afraid because it can empower anyone and everyone.

does what we think, say, our intentions, our vibe matter? can it have an effect on our body? and everything around us? we are molded to think we are common, unimportant and non-powerful beings. borderline taught to not think much of or even hate ourselves unless we achieve a certain status in the world and THEN we become important and have power. and that can lead to a lot of negativity or sadness or apathy or ego or just being an asshole to ourselves and those around us. but what if it all did matter, not just actions but even the thoughts that lead to them? and if we change the way we think about ourselves and everything it could actually have an impact? if nothing else at least on ourself and make the whole thing seem lighter and more meaningful. according to dr. masaru emoto :

a friend told me about this yesterday, and it made me look at things differently. “wow what if my thoughts and intentions do matter?”. it made me want to do “really weird shit” like have a nice conversation (internally) with my water and try and be conscious of what kind of vibe i am putting out in each moment. really pretty simple but also scary because with “great power comes great responsibility” and you have all of it now.

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