really nice finds : the rectangle water bottle

are your pockets shaped like footlong tubes? mine are not either. so what to do when im ripping up the city streets and want to have a solid stock of hydrative serum on me but dont want to have this strange restless growth bouncing around by my side? welcome to the rectangle water bottle. until pockets become cylinders this is magical fit. snug right there in the jacket, in the back pants pocket, in the cargo pocket, in the fanny pack, in the backpack, in the large t-shirt breast pocket with zero dancing around and falling out all over the place. its like a tiny book filled with aqua. a lot of people will probably think you have a problem with vodka or some other clear alcohol, or they might worry about you unphasedly drinking so many gulps of perfume but aside from practicality that is part of the fun. i dont know where to find this because i bought it at a christmas village at a garden center when i was in italy but i bet they exist online somewhere. always BPA free!!!!! reduce, reuse!!!!!! nice!!!!!

phil the bottle, garden bulzaga, 16 euro

One response to “really nice finds : the rectangle water bottle”

  1. The vodka line made me laugh out loud


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