Really Nice Playlist Vol. 3 : February 2020

introspection and joy !

EMF – “unbelievable” : was in canada for a show and my friend Justin pulled a live video of this song up from 1991 “top of the pops”. this song is sick. it’s a weird combo of genres and was inescapable at some point during my childhood. plus the singer wearing orange hoodie, black adidas shorts and a sideways hat and singing with this androgynous british voice is something.

caroline rose – “feel the way i want” : hot new jammer from my musical sister and dear friend. thematically shaping up into a strange story that could only come from a couple of years of hardcore time spent touring and in the music biz. not sure where it will go but i’m always excited to see where caroline will take it. mmm when that synth enters.

mac miller – “good news” : there is so much intensely relatable emotion and mental processing in this song that when i heard it felt like having a conversation with macs ghost or something. such a tragedy but such a gift to get this new record “circles”. where he was headed artistically feels parallel to me at this point in my life. rest well.

tracy chapman – “cold feet” : i was in the central market in ravenna, IT on one of my last days there before returning home and this song came on and it seemed like the universe was trying to communicate with me somehow.

solange – “cranes in the sky” : another one that really hit me when i was dealing with my own mental clouds. thankfully they feel gone now.

free nationals – “time”

jackie mendoza – “la luz” : random new find. also song named after a band i like a lot.

cece peniston – “finally” : so good. prob gonna cover it. nostalgia.

beach fossils – “what a pleasure” : our second night back home in nashville i got an email saying beach fossils were playing down the street. chiara loves this band and always played this song. was feeling shitty with a cold but we went anyway and i’m glad cus they sounded perfect. in addition they played this song 5th and we were able to leave right after because i was about to fall over.

khalid & disclosure – “talk” : heard this song every ten mins on the radio a few months back but it resurfaced and chiara played it in the car 100 times the other day. the production is incredible. and it’s a great song.

nooshi – “happy birthday boss” : yeah man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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