“speculoos“ by -innerkidcity-

sky is big. might even be the biggest thing. ive seen some stuff but nothing where i couldnt tell where it started and ended. im in the sky right now but cus of jetlag – i’m out of it too. going to Calgary. i know nothing about Canada. is it real? i remember those airplane cookies. always loved those. later found out that flavor is called Speculoos. they got em at trader joe’s. maybe nellie furtado was on a plane looking out the window and just started singing “im like a bird”. boom. inspiration is everywhere. people equate flying to freedom but i think you need to be the plane in order for that to be true because this is dogs food and these seats are not suited for people with legs. i sit too much. i think my ass is disintegrating. maybe i will wake up one morning and it will just be a flat surface with no opening. we were made to move around. bones. muscle. cartilage. joints. (probably what people think im smoking when i write this shit but truth is i am always sober minus caffeine if that counts) but that is flying too. but just in your head like ingested virtual reality. better than those big goggles. speculoos. what ever happened to those airplane cookies? by the way big shout out to the free second chance you get at life when that plane lands. also they have two engines and only need one to work and that is comforting. way more than this neck pillow.

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