really nice finds : leopard sweatpants from walmart

wholefoods snack aisle. circa 2020.

i am slowly morphing into my mom via her lifelong obsession with leopard print. in addition to her wardrobe – at her house she has leopard everything. towels, sheets, pillow, plates, mugs. my grandmom too. so last night her, chiara and i went to Walmart™️. the same NJ Walmart™️ i grew up behind in middle school. the same Walmart™️ i used to steal candy from. the same Walmart™️ I set things on fire behind. The same Walmart™️ where I bought Eminem’s first single, Usher “My Way” as well as Limp Bizkit “Significant Other” right out of the box. The same Walmart™️ we used to play tag in and make Jackass videos. back then amongst the cool kids it was embarrassing to buy clothing from Walmart. but, after all these years, damn we were all wrong.

that’s when i found these. fleece leopard print sweatpants that say “QUEEN” on them. for $9.98.

going to play a show in Canada. i’m wearing these the entire time. if you feel leopard would best convey your true self, i say go for it, embrace this timeless pattern.

Walmart. Women’s Section. $9.98

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