IT’S OK! : “a few ways to deal with what feels like global chaos”

will probably update this one many many times.

okay let’s pretend humanity is just one person. and right now that person is a teenager. like 7th grade. parents just got divorced. gets tripped in the hallway everyday. has both a pair of JNCO jeans and a par of FUBU jeans and has no idea which one to be. getting in fights. has no idea how to deal with the world or emotions or how it’s body works. and there is a sweet soul in there somehow but right now the growing pains and the cluelessness are manifesting in this kid being a straight up terror to anyone it encounters, but it’s only because it doesn’t know any better.

that’s where we’re at as a human race.

a big part of this kid growing up, maturing can be a painful process because it involves first learning what doesn’t work in order to find what does work and that takes time and lots of destruction.

you know.

let’s pretend that each of us is just one cell in this body.

as a cell we can feel either really unimportant and helpless or we can feel empowered in remembering that the whole is just a sum of its parts.


that’s bullshit. people that pretend not to care about anything actually deep down care the most and just can’t deal with it. and i feel that and i respect that because it’s a lot to face and sometimes i think it would genuinely be much easier to not think or know or care about anything.

but it’s not good for this kid.

it will kill the kid (us) faster than anything else.

let’s not let this apathy act fool us into actually being apathetic.

okay, im back.

let’s be patient with our big developing child and do our best to guide him but know, just like we all did – we gotta fuck up a lot to start to come to our senses and right now we’re in the middle of it.

hopefully we’ll get to high school soon, and then skip college all together.

things to remember :

– put down the phone, a lot. look at your immediate surroundings. unless someone is coming at you with a knife, everything is actually completely good and peaceful. contrary to the picture on the internet. this is not ignorant, this is accepting what is your current reality at this moment which will only benefit your own mental and physical health and make you more equipped to help others in need.

– we don’t know anything. who knows what is true in what we read or hear or watch. anytime someone relays information it is influenced by their own perspective which is one of a kind and influenced by everything that has ever happened to them. and regardless, we can only control what we can control – how we live, act, eat, treat people and take care. not succumbing to the fear is empowerment.

– fear, more about that. fear is what causes all this seeming chaos. people are afraid. they think violence is power and macho but it’s actually being incredibly scared. don’t be like that. even if the whole world explodes as result of human insanity and fear at least love is how you spent all your minutes leading up to it. can’t control the outcome of anything necessarily but you can choose all your steps to it and how you perceive.

– put down the phone, A LOT!!!!

– use anxiety, stress, fear of global destruction as a motivation to live more and better.

– believe in something bigger.

– make art.

– none of this is escapism. it is accepting that we can only do what we can do and it is in the small things. it’s how we are to ourselves and those we encounter. it all matters.

– binge watch “fresh prince” on netflix like we have been.

feel free to share your feelings and thoughts about what is happening in the world and how it affects you and creative ways you deal with it.

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