Really Nice Playlist Vol. 2 : January 2020

what’s up new you!!!!

tierra whack – “cable guy” : didn’t realize at first every song on this record is one minute long, very 2020 attention span style. philly represent! sad to have just missed her show at house of vans a couple months ago.

white reaper – “might be right” : just saw my boys here crush this song on jimmy kimmel. they look, sound, feel like a million gold star level up. proud and excited for them.

dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince – “summertime” : it can be summertime anytime in your mind. been binging fresh prince on netflix. carlton dancing kills me. will demonstrates fantastic style and attitude throughout.

doris day – “que sera sera” : a few mornings ago chiara woke up singing this song in a little kid voice and i really liked the words. i had no idea what it was so looked it up. “what will be will be”

FKJ – “earthquake” : this dood is crazy. one man virtuoso machine. watch his video playing in the middle of salt flats in bolivia.

crumb – “part iii” : i feel like this band likes jazz.

future islands – “seasons (waiting on you)” : brings me back a few years. now is all about change. also sam from the band has a new hip hop project called hemlock ernst. very cool.

tall juan – “vienes y te vas” : played a bunch of shows with juan a few years ago in NYC. always loved this guy. and this is a huge transformation for him which i respect and can relate too. going from old school punk to embracing his roots, joy and cumbia. go juan.

cookin soul – “naughty or nutz” : a blend of the two best things – christmas music (specifically “chestnuts” by hat king cole) and MF doom.

chance the rapper – “i got you (always and forever)” – watched all of rhythm and flow. and chance just seems like a genuine, cool guy with nice values. i like this one from his debut.

sun kil moon – “bens my friend” : mark kozelek reminds me of norway. especially my time there. i think he’s hilarious and great writer. and psycho in a good way maybe

extremely bad man – “saturday” – this came up on discover weekly. it’s called saturday and i recently wrote a joke song called saturday that i am pretty sure i’m gonna put on next record.

blvk – “goodbye” : mmmmm smooth.

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