“cramp of approval” by -innerkidcity-

approval? sitting in bed i am no one but a dreamer. vacation from big lights – spot, lime, stage, traffic. just christmas lights on disco flicker. i don’t even have to move to take a trip of comparison down the information highway. way too many miles this year and i know information is the only thing that hurts. a million dollar bill on the ground but i am too tired/lazy to pick it up, plus one bad knee. i could download “youth lingo 2019” expansion pack, change all the laces on my shoes to something neon, start smoking again. this pen is blue. feels like writing with the sky. next to the bed is a buddha statue, a little concerned cus he’s lived here for three months and has never moved once. i don’t like the color blue cus i don’t like to feel that way. for as long as i want to be someone else is the same amount of time i won’t be myself but it’s hard because the palette is omnipresent, there’s stuff i like everywhere. i take a piece here and there and there and there until i am so many things i am my own. a particle from everyone but still a cramp of approval because they don’t like themselves anyway and they see part of them in me. look at the cat. cats don’t care what anyone thinks they just turn weird spots in the house into a bed and eat when it’s time to.

what animal would you be ?

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