IT’S OK! : “change”


everyday reevaluating my truth. its ok. somedays what worked in me yesterday doesn’t today and so i keep with the chase. comes off chaotic, feels that way too. but theres no uniform. white shirt black pants is now orange dresses, everyday has its outfit.

lot of pain in the world for not wearing the uniform, or even less good, wearing the uniform but don’t want to be wearing it. putting people in boxes is like trying to wrap up water in tin foil and take it to-go. the uniform is always changing – sometimes it’s what we think of when we think of that word but then sometimes its something else. but its always saying “be this, be this.”

how to breakthru? that wall in me. keep chasing myself until i catch up with me? world immediately takes notice.

“im sorry but we dont accept fake bills or plastic card, you see, we did for so long it got overcrowded and so now real is the new fake so youll have to make real stuff or go to the ATM to get into the club. inside is paradise. you are currency. but no frauds. or maybe you have to be fake? but so good at fake it seems realer than real. see you soon.”

i’ve built up and broke down entire worlds without even thinking two times. like those monks i saw at the museum over the summer that made the beautiful sand mandela then destroyed it, like that…but for my sense of self.

i used to be obsessed with the past. there was something safe and romantic in pretending to be from the 40s or 50s.

damn soon there will be a new 40s and 50s !

ill pretend to be from those too. i’ll start now.

i think truth is were all a little bit of everything and the loudest thing is different everyday. so to stay with tradition or what’s expected of us is going to mean friction. i know that very well over the last couple years. i think we’re taught to fear change cus it requires the biggest honesty and that could mean some loss (of what’s not real). it also means we’re not in control. (were not) change is the only guarantee. change is honesty.

do i really like what i like?

what do i wanna be ?

hows it look ? hows it sound?

to be alive?

like everything youve ever seen all at one time.


short version: we here at REALLY NICE™️ encourage all to be yourself, no matter what it is. the world does not always encourage that but in this world we do. it’s not always easy to figure out what yourself is but maybe start with what you are not first.

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