“freedomfantasy” by -inner kid city-

today i’ll go out in yellow pajamas and give a fake name “Seth” or “Glerkin” at the taco window, and when i see that old lady drop her tray, i’m gonna help her clean it up then sit down and ask her about her life. today instead of “good how are you?” i’m gonna say “fucking weird, and shit is so expensive in the airport because they know we don’t have any other options”. and when i run into that person i met six months ago and had zero connection with and they say “we should hang soon” i’ll say “nah” but hand them a piece of chocolate from the bar i just bought and put on my headphones, and also my sunglasses even though it’s raining and i’ll put on the tierra whack album “whack world” cus every song is a minute long and that’s my attention span or some rendition of “happy birthday” and i’ll ride a scooter all over the city, just smiling even if it’s not accurate. and when some red faced guy cuts me off and gives me the finger, i just laugh cus i know that’s his problem. and when i get home to my person i’ll do something nice for them and say i love them even if today i feel like i don’t love myself that much and i’ll say “hey nothing personal but im gonna spend a minute solo” and go play some drums or make a painting even though figuring out the first stroke is the hardest part because an empty page or canvas is so pure. but fuck it, cus there are other pages, this isn’t my last chance.

– an excerpt from an ongoing serious of daydreams called -inner kid city-

for you, yes YOU : what would your typical day be like if you were free from all the little things that prevent you from being completely honest?

One response to ““freedomfantasy” by -inner kid city-”

  1. I’d go to school without a jacket. Even if it’s winter, because I’m done pretending to my family I don’t wear “secular” band tees on a regular basis. I would start posting my poetry on my public Instagram story rather than my close friends. And when they ask if I’m alright, I’ll stop lying and tell them the grief has really been crippling me. I’d stop wrapping my artwork in a hundred layers of vague metaphor and be OPEN. Honest. True to what I’m communicating. Be a little rebellious with my imagery. But man, I’d trade all my other freedoms to make honest work and start telling people what’s REALLY up.

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