IT’S OK! : “A letter from my future self”


To: Ron Gallo circa Dec. 2019 on a bus somewhere in Italy without a ticket

hey ron,

you’re laughing now. seriously, i’m sitting right next to you. that tense, uneasy feeling in your gut everyday when you wake up is gone. haven’t had a nightmare in months. done scrolling and living by comparison. just wanna say it’s a good thing you hung on. i know you’re having a lot of those moments feeling alien, feeling tiny, like a shit artist and a more troubled mind, where you want to just give up, run away (but also like nowhere would be better) but see i told you!!! plus all that negative shit is in only in your head anyway. and am telling you: hang on and it’s all gonna make so much sense. you’re having a fucking year, that’s for sure. everything is changing, things you didn’t expect to change, people, places, solid ground, comfort, YOU. lots of weird loss, and new problems but can’t you at least say it’s showing you what’s really important to you? what you really are about? couldn’t put it off forever and it has been super difficult at times but you asked for this: to be crushed into a diamond so yeah, good, clean house, make room and let the good in. that’s where you’re at. keep making efforts to get to that place you wanna be, even though most of them get derailed, or give you resistance. just keep trying, one or some will click.

anyway, it’s summer now, inside and outside and it is winter where you are, inside and outside. and like i said, you are golden now (here) but don’t forget how you are feeling now, there. you’ll need that perspective to appreciate what is coming. you keep saying you just want to really be where you are, be happy with what you have, well let it all go for a second. trust me, i know. im way ahead of you.

i’ll bring you up to speed cus i know you need something to look forward to. you’ve got a really siiiiick 😜 record done, yeah it’s not like anything you’ve ever done (refreshing to hear you not having existential crisis on record all the time) but it’s also honest and fun and weird and the most you thing you’ve done and it’s gonna make a lot of people happy (maybe you can call it “MY 2020 ALBUM: HINDSIGHT”, just sayin), you’ve got genuine peace, all the family stuff is cool (they’re coming to visit next week), no more debts or selling shit, fridge is full, house is good and your back in it with your legally immigrated love (who can breathe perfectly again, we’re making breakfast, gonna eat it by the window, pancakes with raspberries cus she’s not allergic anymore), nice tour lined up, landing tre flips 8/10 times, regular bowel movements, suns out, reconnected with your true friends and the biggest difference is your actually enjoying it and there for it rather than not accepting it and waiting forever for the next thing to go wrong.

just wanna say good work and read this whenever you need it. see you in six months.

with love,

you in 2020

we here at REALLY NICE ™️ suggest you write a letter from your future self during times of inner struggle. manifestation dawg. also, i said “we here at REALLY NICE ™️” but we all know it’s just me right now.

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