Really Nice Playlist Vol 1: December ‘19

jams of joy to uplift when the daylight last for 2 hours

binki – “heybb!” : one of favorites i’ve discovered recently. enough to be compelled to write a message of appreciation to as a total stranger. nice blend of things i love. like fresh prince meets prince meets tyler meets 1998 in 2019.

remi wolf – “shawty”

john mayer “new light” : this focking song has been stuck in my head for a week. been really into johnboy lately. very much enjoy his instagram talkshow “current mood” love to watch it while eating breakfast (oatmeal) on a sunday morning. the video is also great. mister mayor not only rips but is not taking himself seriously and is a funny guy.

still woozy – “goodie bag”

sade – “by your side” : NOSTALGIA. this song remind me of when my fam lived in this tiny apartment in kentucky before moving back to new jersey. i had one friend in the whole apartment complex, her name was Kashana and i wonder where she is now. i also remember having my first journal during this time and learning how to write.

jota ese – “for the right price” : one night i listened to jota’s “dauni back” mixtape like 14 times in a row. masterful lofi mix beat shit.

mac miller – “small worlds” – the whole record “swimming” has gotten me thru.

ron gallo – “temporary slave” : hey its me. out of all my songs out this is the only one that feels good and like where im going next. i have a new one recorded i would put on instead but its not out yet

chickpee – “when you’re not at home” : hey thats my love. she sweet and has more bald jams coming soon. until then…

post animal – “schedule” : new one from my dear boyz

the avalanches – “because i’m me” : everyone else is taken.

noname : “yesterday” – i put this song on often first thing in the AM for many weeks. i get the whole audience thing but it’s also probably something deeper. find your peace. thank you for the music.

frank ocean : “pink and white”

yellow days : “it’s real love”

lizzo : “truth hurts” – the jam of 2019, also good story in perseverance behind this one (look it up). also lizzo’s delivery is what makes your tweet valuable. fuck the whole plagiarism shit.

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