welcome to really nice™️. i don’t know what this is for. maybe for everything at some point…t-shirts, feelings, essays, socks, hats, music, chai tea blends, videos, TV, drawings, etc. i am at a weird place in my life and feel like i just need to make stuff and put it out there. inspire myself. so that’s why this exists. and maybe someday it will be focused and blossom into something. the name comes from a music EP and mockumentary film called “Really Nice Guys” that i made a couple years ago that was both a joke but also sad and true look at my life as a pro touring musician.

if i look at what excites me right now in my life it is: vulnerability, real talk, colors, skateboarding, mental health, love/my partner, interesting clothing and hats, music, spiritual practices, not eating chemicals/bullshit, plant medicine, breaking down definitions and boxes humans put ourselves in and trying to become the most honest me that i’ve ever been before.

the beginning should stem from that and we’ll see where it goes. maybe nowhere. love and thanks.


e-mail: reallynicemailbox@gmail.com

additional contributors : jccwa faya, chiara d’anzieri, michael ien cohen, julia fletcher, austin reta, sophie lugo, kayla james, tim larson

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