hi, it’s me, been busy living life outside of the internet, and by busy i mean really not doing much and feeling overwhelmed regardless. the sensation of living in your head and thinking it is reality.

speaking of that – one thing i did make time for was to vote. in my state i was able to request an absentee ballot and vote via mail a month ago. go here for info for how you can vote. it was super easy and coming from me that says a lot.

i will admit to taking politics and voting with a sense of apathy up until this point. it’s that same sense of apathy that gets us into situations like we are in now. where people that live exclusively in their own head and think it is ultimate reality take power. i’m not going to tell you who to vote for, but i think you just should vote, and for me i am voting for what seems more human, what does not encourage division, racism and hatred, and what believes in science enough to have a plan for the earth and environment (that we are undoubtedly at the mercy of) imagine being a tiny person and thinking you are bigger than nature?hahahahha. anyway. get out there and vote, safely.


really nice

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